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The nutritional needs and dietary requirements of older adults are quite different to that of young and middle-aged adults, and require a different approach. Whilst we encourage and help our older and elderly residents to keep as fit and active as their bodies will allow, some of the more frail residents will maintain their level of health and fitness through their diet.


As we age, our bodies will change and we will begin to face a variety of challenges and limitations which may pose risks to our health and nutrition. Reduced mobility also means a lot of change. Hence, Christelle our French Chef, along with Lisa our Fitness Co-Ordinator, as well as Caroline our Activities manager, keep our residents health and welfare balance just right. Providing them with a fully nutritional diet, as much exercise as they can comfortably carry out and more than enough challenges to their brains as we can muster with our planned Person Centered activities.

Elderly people require good nutrition and need to keep well hydrated. We consider menu and diet to be of up most importance here at The Heathers, which is why we have implemented a rolling 4 week menu that changes quarterly.

Menu 1

Menu 2

The menu’s provided are not set in stone. If you would like something different please let the Chef of Staff member know.

If you have any dietary requirements or have any food allergies it is important that the Chef and Manager are made aware immediately.

Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Fruit Juices and Water are provided throughout the day.

If you fancy a glass of sherry, wine or beer at lunchtime inform the staff.


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Joan really perked up when I told her of your kind offer to take me down to see Joan at Halstead. So, if the offer is still open, she is looking forward to seeing both of us on Thursday 26th, at any time in the afternoon. To confirm this, I suggested you might giver her a ring tomorrow morning to let her know what you've decided. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this Helen, both for Joan (who is thoroughly fed-up) and myself.