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Keeping up to date with the outside World is key to independent thinking, developing opinions and avoiding isolation. As these are all important factors in the lives of our residents, we urge you to keep in touch and ensure we are up to date with your news...we'll certainly up date you with ours...and theirs...on a regular basis.

Shortlands Tavern - Pub Lunch

Residents enjoyed fish and chips at the local pub, a few also enjoyed a glass of wine and a pint of beer too!

We travelled to the pub in our new mini bus. The food was delicious and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all who came a long.

Shortlands Tavern - Pub Lunch Shortlands Tavern - Pub Lunch Shortlands Tavern - Pub Lunch Shortlands Tavern - Pub Lunch

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Joan really perked up when I told her of your kind offer to take me down to see Joan at Halstead. So, if the offer is still open, she is looking forward to seeing both of us on Thursday 26th, at any time in the afternoon. To confirm this, I suggested you might giver her a ring tomorrow morning to let her know what you've decided. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this Helen, both for Joan (who is thoroughly fed-up) and myself.